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Joshua Briscoe Unveils 7 Wedding Flower Trends Experts Expect to See in 2024

Salt Lake City, UT, 25th June 2024, ZEX PR WIREJoshua Briscoe, a prominent figure in the Utah floral industry and founder of Joshua Briscoe Floral Creations, is excited to share the top wedding flower trends for 2024. Known for his innovative approach and keen eye for detail, Briscoe offers insight into the vibrant and dynamic trends that are set to make weddings unforgettable this year.

Unique Color Palettes, Minimal Greenery

Weddings in 2024 will be vibrant and colorful, particularly with floral arrangements. According to Joshua Briscoe, “fashion-driven color palettes” will dominate. “Bright and bold pinks, inspired by collections like Valentino F/W 2023, will continue to be popular, especially with Viva Magenta as the Pantone Color of the Year,” he explains. “Desaturated jewel tones like blues, olive green, and rust will also be prominent.”

He highlighted the rise of purple and yellow-green hues. “Purple shades and chartreuse are making frequent appearances,” he notes. For those who prefer warmer tones, these colors remain on trend. “Saturated warm tones—reds, oranges, pinks, and their combinations—are also very popular,” adds Joshua. “I love this year’s color palettes, especially the mix of lavender and yellow with unexpected tones like red/orange or deep blue.”

With a shift towards bolder color palettes, greenery will see a decline in use. Joshua predicts a significant reduction in greenery for 2024, particularly in centerpieces. “Floral arrangements will feature little to no greenery. Any foliage used will complement the wedding palette,” he says. “I recommend peachy yarrow, golden ferns, blooming jasmine or clematis, white spirea, or dark foliage like begonia or heuchera.”

Full, Dynamic Ceremony Aisles and Backdrops

Your ceremony sets the tone for your wedding day, and in 2024, statement ceremony décor will be a major trend. “Front-page-worthy ceremony flowers are everything for us right now!” says Joshua Briscoe Utah. Key elements include aisles and backdrops, with couples going all-out in these areas. “We will continue to see lots of dreamy aisles, arches, and backdrops,” addsJoshua. McClure is excited about the emphasis on the aisle itself, anticipating many “major aisle moments rather than just arches and chuppahs.”

Architectural styles will also be favored. More dynamic full floral aisles and unique backdrop shapes are gaining interest. Anything that incorporates architectural elements in a ceremony will be popular.

Single Flower Varieties Used En Masse

Simplified yet impactful floral arrangements are trending in 2024. Joshua Briscoe notes, “We love the trend of using fewer flower varieties in arrangements and clustering one type en masse for a greater impact.” Baby’s breath is particularly popular. “Baby’s breath en masse is generating a lot of buzz,” he says. Hydrangeas, roses, and anemones are also being used in large quantities for a stunning effect.

Non-Traditional and Statement Centerpiece Vessels

Traditional vessels are being replaced by more unique and stylish options. Black vessels are becoming popular for a chic look.” Joshua agrees, noting the rise of “unique vessels and tinted candlelight” as major trends for 2024 centerpieces. He adds, “Clients are moving away from traditional round centerpieces and exploring varied table designs, from retro table lamps to six-foot-tall trees and whimsical cloche gardens.”

Smaller, More Impactful Bouquets

The trend of massive, overflowing bouquets is fading. Joshua says, “Wedding bouquets are becoming smaller in scale, designed to complement rather than overpower the gown.” Joshua observes that brides are opting for “loose and airy bouquets” of a more petite size. While bouquets are still loved, there’s a preference for smaller posies.

Living Arrangements

Couples in 2024 are opting for living floral and greenery options to reduce their carbon footprints. “Dense mono-floral arrangements, potted plants, grass clusters, or other setting-inspired flora lining the aisle are popular,” says Joshua Briscoe Utah “Using potted plants and live trees allows couples to enjoy them for years and create lasting memories.”

Dramatic Installations

While smaller bouquets are trending, large and dramatic floral installations are also in demand. Joshua says, “We’re excited about the large ceremony and reception installations we’re planning, which will showcase color and movement.” Hanging installations are particularly popular, with several dance floor installations in his projects. Garlands with unusual blooms like lilies and orchids add whimsy to arbors or ceiling installations.

Repurposable Florals

Joshua Briscoe Utah notes that his clients in 2024 are highly focused on sustainability. While using local, in-season flowers was once the hallmark of eco-friendly weddings, today’s couples are taking additional steps. “My clients are investing significantly in floral decor, and they want to ensure it doesn’t just end up in the trash afterward,” Joshua explains.

Couples are increasingly partnering with florists who offer composting programs or opting for plants that can be replanted. “I’ve had clients who replanted the large trees used at their tent entrance elsewhere on their property post-wedding,” Joshua shares. This sustainability extends to guest favors as well. “Last year, a couple gave their guests pollinator-friendly wildflower seeds as favors. I expect more couples to adopt this idea in 2024,” says Joshua Briscoe.

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces with Foliage and Berries

The trend toward sustainability includes using blooms and greenery foraged from nature rather than commercially farmed. Couples are increasingly drawn to incorporating locally foraged elements that capture the essence of their special day. These natural textures blend seamlessly with tablescapes that feature personal items and heirloom china, marrying tradition with nature.

Bold, Bright Centerpieces with Vibrant Hues

While classic white will always have its place, 2024 is set to see an explosion of color in wedding florals. Couples are embracing vibrant hues in their bouquets, table decor, and even colorful, tapered candles. These bold colors aren’t just for summer; with the right shades, they can be suitable year-round.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers

Joshua Briscoe highlights the growing demand for sustainably farmed local flowers. “Couples are keen to ensure their weddings are environmentally friendly. We’ve seen an increase in couples choosing us because we grow our flowers sustainably using methods like solar-powered indoor farming.

Unique Centerpiece Vessels

Traditional vessels are taking a backseat to more unconventional options. “We’re seeing a move towards black vessels for a chic look, and clients are exploring unique shapes and tinted candlelight,” notes Briscoe. Retro table lamps, tall greenery, and whimsical cloche gardens are just some of the trends to watch.

Statement-Making Hanging Installations

Dramatic floral installations are in high demand. “From dance floor installations to ceiling garlands, couples are looking for ways to add whimsy and movement to their designs,” explains Briscoe. Unusual blooms like lilies and orchids will be key elements.

Unexpected Flowers and Single Varieties Used En Masse

Simplicity meets impact with the use of single flower varieties en masse. “Baby’s breath, hydrangeas, and roses used in large quantities create a stunning effect,” says Briscoe. This trend offers a fresh take on traditional arrangements.

Seasonal, Locally-Grown Flowers

Sustainability continues to influence wedding trends. “Couples are choosing seasonally appropriate blooms to ensure peak quality and sustainability,” Briscoe emphasizes. This practical approach not only supports local growers but also enhances the natural beauty of the arrangements.

Smaller, More Impactful Bouquets

Oversized bouquets are making way for more petite, tasteful options. “Loose and airy bouquets that complement the gown without overpowering it are in style,” says Joshua Briscoe. Brides are favoring smaller, posey-style arrangements for their elegance and ease.

Living Arrangements

Potted plants and live trees are becoming popular choices for wedding decor. “These arrangements can be replanted at home, creating lasting memories and benefiting the environment,” Briscoe explains. Living floral options provide a sustainable and sentimental touch.

About Joshua Briscoe
Joshua Briscoe is a dedicated and innovative floral designer based in Utah. With over five years of experience and a passion for entrepreneurship, he established Joshua Briscoe Floral Creations in 2018. Despite initial challenges, Briscoe’s commitment to his craft and community has led to a thriving business that inspires aspiring entrepreneurs.

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