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Crypto Dragons Den – Revolutionizing Early Stage Investments

Crypto Dragons Den is a new crowdfunding platform / launchpad that is revolutionizing investment in early stage crypto start-ups. Specializing in Seed and Private rounds, ‘The Den’ lowers the barrier of entry from 5-6 figures invested by VCs and Angel Investors to just $50 for the regular, everyday investor.

“There are literally thousands of amazing projects out there that fail due to lack of early stage funding” says Ed Saunders – Founder and CEO of Crypto Dragons Den.

“Lowering the barrier of entry to just $50 allows a project’s early supporters to get involved and potentially reap the benefits further down the line giving them a great sense of satisfaction.”

Raising funds in stable coins means that the platform can fund any project on any chain (subject to them passing due diligence checks). Project tokens are then distributed back to investors via vested smart contracts.

The pièce de résistance for the platform is the fact that it will be distributing the raised funds to the project via stage payments. They will receive a portion, for example 25%, once the campaign is closed and then 75% will be held back in a smart contract. The rest will be paid to the project once they meet pre-agreed development milestones. If, for some reason, the project fails then the remaining funds will be distributed back to the original investors.

“I want to protect our investors as much as possible and this seemed like the best way to do it. It will set us apart from all other platforms” Ed added.

Unlike other launchpads that use (sometimes costly) token based tier systems to grant holders exclusive access to launches, Crypto Dragons Den will be using its upcoming Genesis NFT for the privilege. Launching on 18th March on, there will be 2,500 NFTs at a cost of just 170 ADA each (around $100).

Early Crowdfunding platform access isn’t the only utility, though. Holders of the NFT will also get passive income from Crypto Dragons Den’s ASIC mining farm, free entry into regular lotteries for cash prizes, access to airdrops from projects launched on the platform, voting rights on which projects are launched and which ASICs are purchased and more!

“We wanted to give as much utility to the NFT as possible” Ed explained. “I didn’t want it to be ‘just another NFT’”.

The Den’s ASIC mining farm will also be opened up to anyone that wants to get involved in mining. Under the Crypto Dragons Synergy banner, any project can use The Den’s buying power to get better deals than purchasing them individually. They will manage the ASICs for a nominal monthly fee and all mining proceeds go directly into the individual’s wallet on a regular basis.

Crypto Dragons Den will undoubtedly be a ‘one stop shop’ for any project of any stage.

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