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Blocktech Capital signs large-scale investment agreement in the CMPW NFT market

Singapore, 26th May 2024 – Blocktech Capital, which is creating a new wave in the digital asset market, has made a large investment in CMPW’s NFT market. This investment contract reflects Blocktech Capital’s trust in CMPW’s ability to manage NFT issuance and market growth potential and is attracting attention as a strategic decision for those seeking new trends in the blockchain-based digital asset market.

The NFT (marketplace) market is emerging as one of the most notable segments of the current digital asset market. In particular, CMPW is showing outstanding capabilities in this field, and Block Tech Capital took note of this and decided to invest. CMPW’s NFT market is assessed to have great investment potential for the following reasons.

First, CMPW provides a platform for various artists to create. Through this, we attract investors’ attention by issuing and maintaining high-quality NFT works. In addition, CMPW’s technology is outstanding and provides a safe and transparent trading environment through blockchain technology. This is expected to support the future NFT market’s growth.

The NFT market is expected to play an important role in the future digital asset economy. Considering the revolutionary change in the concept of digital ownership, CMPW’s NFT Market is positioned as a hub for this trend. Therefore, Block Tech Capital’s investment can be seen as reflecting this outlook.

In addition, CMPW is building a groundbreaking profit model by introducing an NFT circular purchase system. This system is expected to further promote the growth of the NFT market by generating additional revenue through transactions within the platform. This shows that CMPW is pursuing innovative strategies to future-proof the market.

Blocktech Capital and CMPW’s large-scale investment agreement is interpreted as a result of recognition of the growth potential of the NFT market and CMPW’s excellent NFT issuance management ability. This is part of a strategic partnership between companies seeking new trends in the digital asset market, raising expectations for future NFT market development.

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