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Saakuru Leads the Gasless Blockchain Revolution, Disrupting the Industry

Singapore, 22nd April 2024, ZEX PR WIRESaakuru announced some recently reached milestones in its development, which put it at the forefront of the gasless blockchain revolution currently disrupting the industry. The consumer-centric L2 protocol entered the top 5 brands in its niche within 9 months of launch. Moreover, according to data from DappRadar, it records over 1.44 million/week.

Saakuru is preparing for the official launch of its Saakuru token ($SKR) before the end of April. The project also successfully raised $2.4 million in an oversubscribed private funding round to develop its protocol.

The Saakuru Protocol is an up-and-coming proponent of gasless technology, considered by many an accelerator of Web3 adoption into the mainstream. Its mission is to improve the user experience for both developers and end users and drastically reduce costs. These enhancements should forever change the blockchain landscape, enabling the development of more versatile decentralized applications boasting higher security standards, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use.

As of 2024, blockchain technology is stagnating and used mainly for crypto trading. Also, the broadly adopted Ethereum model, based on gas fees fluctuating depending on network use, can lead to high costs and a disappointing user experience. Lastly, most blockchain networks face significant security issues, deterring new users from onboarding promising projects.

Saakuru has developed a public-permission, gas-less L2 blockchain powered by Oasys High-Speed Optimistic Rollups. The network’s design eliminates gas fees, significantly improves user experience, and proposes new tokenomics models. For instance, it enables the easy creation and execution of token contracts, including features like vesting, staking, data tracking, and management. This approach differs significantly from most layer-2 blockchain networks, which rely primarily on governance tokens.

The Saakuru token is a multi-purpose token ensuring utility and governance for the Saakuru Protocol. It uses an advanced burning mechanism to gradually reduce its supply while potentially increasing its value. The token is involved in all the operative layers of the Saakuru protocol:

  • Developer Layer—Also known as Saakuru Labs, this feature provides several products and services with proprietary business models. The system burns the token with 10% of the profit.
  • DeFi Layer — This feature is facilitated by Taffy DEX technology, and 0.005% of every fee collected from on-chain and cross-chain transactions throughout the Taffy DEX protocol is converted to SKR tokens and burned.
  • Governance Layer — SKR token holders can use their tokens to participate in the protocol’s governance model. Moreover, 5% of the tokens used to initiate the review process are burned.
  • Protection Layer — The SKR token is burned if the SKR token protection mechanism is triggered, and 3% of saved tokens will be burned.

The Saakuru team believes the protocol’s gas-less operations will drive quick and consistent adoption of the SKR token. Moreover, developers can stake their SKR tokens to refill their credit balances monthly and drive the ecosystem’s growth.

Another aspect that should increase demand for gas-less blockchain networks like Saakuru is the outdated properties of the currently available external wallet model. The Saakuru team believes developers and users will soon adopt the embeddable model, defined by increased security and numerous configurable features in any mobile app in one day. This type of wallet can provide a better, user-friendlier experience without reducing security.

The Saakuru protocol will also feature prebuilt, easy-to-launch modules for basic Web3 interoperability functions, such as smart contract event tracking and interaction APIs. It will also have an NFTs CRM and zkNFTs verification layer, allowing businesses to integrate Web3 technologies seamlessly into their operations.

About Saakuru

Saakuru takes a new, innovative approach to Web3 and proposes a blockchain that doesn’t charge gas fees, maintains stability through top security practices, and fosters new projects, applications, and ideas. To this end, the team launched the Saakuru Developer Suite, a comprehensive toolset that includes libraries and APIs and enables developers to create applications faster.

The development team behind Saakuru has more than ten years of experience making Web2 products and six years of experience in Web3 applications, both from the developer’s and business sides. Their experience enabled them to discover the primary issues of decentralized production that prevented them from reaching mainstream use.

Saakuru benefits from increasing support from the industry, including prominent educators on blockchain technology, such as Ivan on Tech, an angel investor in the Saakuru Protocol.

Saakuru will soon launch its much-anticipated SKR token, so follow the project’s website for more info and updates.

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